Want to incept narratives into people’s lives? Contribute to the seed word bank and whenever your suggestion is picked to seed an impromptu story, either by a buyer or the friendly algorithm, you’ll receive a NFT link to the tailored piece. The more words you incept,...

Unsolicited Advice

Not asked for but given anyway. Bad advice, stupid advice, useless advice, even good advice, if advice was any better it’d be twins. But wait, they are! Whether you get the enabler or the agitator advisor is up to serendipity. 

Cat stories

The quintessential cryptokitties, Luna and Cacau are not just gorgeous, they have the most delightful (and opposite) personalities. A master in the art of purr, snow princess Luna will soothe your roughest day, empowered body positive Cacau gives a new meaning to my...

Dream excerpts

Everybody dreams, not everyone remembers them. Why not increase your dream assets by collecting authentic oneiric reports from a prolific dreamer? Guaranteed not to bore you. Dreams come mostly in text form, but beware of the occasional image or video. 

Bespoke stories

Whimsical narrative snippets based on a seed word of your choice. They can vary in length – from two paragraphs to two tomes, and in format – story, scene, diary entry, short essay, stream of consciousness, dialogue. The sky is the limit.