Fake Trivia

What’s better than trivia? Fake trivia, of course! Impress your friends with your knowledge of complete horseshit. More (un)believable than reality.

Robot Scenes

Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing? How are we feeling? Let us be your robots and improv an audio scene based on your commands, Master.

Character Network

Video micro series portraying the intricate way in which the most preposterous characters interact over particular issues. Is it comedy? Is it tragedy? Can’t tell. Is it fun? Always.

Random Thoughts

Rants and ramblings, loose ideas, observations, insights, pet peeves and obsessions. If it’s random, we got it. Thoughts come and go, here they are captured and expanded, in video or SMS records.


Want to incept narratives into people’s lives? Contribute to the seed word bank and whenever your suggestion is picked to seed an impromptu story, either by a buyer or the friendly algorithm, you’ll receive a NFT link to the tailored piece. The more words you incept,...

Unsolicited Advice

Not asked for but given anyway. Bad advice, stupid advice, useless advice, even good advice, if advice was any better it’d be twins. But wait, they are! Whether you get the enabler or the agitator advisor is up to serendipity.